Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Mary Jane.

Haha. This is just too good to Le'go. One of my good friends had a little run in with the 5-0 last week. He made the University Police Blotter. Here is a snippit.

Marijuana-scented candle Sunday, Nov. 9 "Two officers were sent to Horan Hall after an RA detected the odor of marijuana coming from a room on the third floor. The officers did not smell marijuana outside the room. The officers then called the resident, who did not pick up. Then they knocked on the door and a man answered. The man agreed to let the officers come inside the room to ask questions. When the officers entered the room they noticed a strong scent of marijuana, a running fan and an open window. In order to eliminate him as a suspect using marijuana, the officers asked to search the room. The resident said they could. While searching, the officers asked the resident to unlock a top dresser drawer, but he refused, stating that the drawer's contents were personal. When the officers asked what exactly was in the drawer, he refused to answer. The officers were unable to find any illegal items in the room. The resident was then asked why the room smelled like marijuana. He said it was from a candle he was burning. He showed the officers a candle, but it did not smell like marijuana. The man was given a citation for violating fire safety by burning candles."

I'd like to add that he got a $181.00 fine for his "candle burning". Well, As for normal news, thanks to Josh (aka ninja) for giving me props on my last post. I meant what I was saying and he apparantly agrees. I will be acquiring an XBOX soon, which has always been a gaming love of mine away from the computer. Tonight I purchased the Halo game itself, along with 2 controllers and a empty XBOX case, I'll let you all in on that little venture later on. I have to say I am a Halo addict, and the thought of Halo 2 being right around the corner makes me all warm and sticky. I actually have alot on my mind right now, but it is getting time to do more important things. So I'll save it for tommorow.

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