Thursday, November 6, 2008

BLaZE's Weblog 2.0

So, Let me tell you something. This was actually my 2nd blog. It's true. The fact of the matter is I am nerdier then you. Back when no one knew what a 'blog was, I had my own. And we didn't call them blogs, we called the Weblogs. 2003 was the year. I was a freshmen in college. (If you still don't believe that I was nerdier then you, I had a Rio Diamond MP3 player circa 1999. If you can tell me you knew what an MP3 was in '99 we can share this nerd badge).

So, back to the story, I had my own domain ( and I was able to host numerous things on my weblog. I had galleries, tons of images, and I posted somewhat regularly at first. Well, you're in for a treat because I actually found this website archived on my old computer and ripped it onto my flash drive. I recently found the time to start backdating them into this blog. So this is a very exciting thing for me. I dunno if you get the same glimmer in your eye when you think of your college dorm days, but reading your own words come directly from yourself 5 years ago, its kind of a blast from the past.

This post is just a warning/apology. I didn't want my blog to own all your RSS feeds with every single post I backdate. So I will only do 1 month per day. So about how many posts I had today, for about 2-3 more days, then my old webloging life came to an end. But don't worry, you guys will find many a buried treasure if you sift through these gems. Oh, and heres a link.

PS: I'd like to point out that these are completely uncensored and I havn't even read through all of them on my own yet. So screen shot that stuff while it's still public knowledge!


MrB said...

It's probably best if you just dump it all at once that way you're not burying everyone's post for 3 days.

menace said...

Good point, I'll do that as soon as I get some free time.