Friday, November 21, 2008

Deep Freeze

EDIT: The link to the negative temperatures kinda makes me look like a pussy. I meant to point out that before sunrised it's in the negatives. The rest of the day should be fine.
So tomorrow's the big day. It's also the beginning of Cougar Season here in milwaukee according to our local entertainment sources, although I think they might be wrong. I shiver thinking that at 4:00am tomorrow morning, in the dark, I will be forced to dress as warm as humanly possible, and march out into negative temperatures as I wait for the sun to rise. Exciting isn't it? As
Kiltrunner would say, Hopefully I "catch a big one for a coat rack!". Catch being Kill, and, well, the rest of the sentence will probably be true..

I was told by Greg at one point that long posts were fine, and others have told me that I should write how I want. But honestly, I believe they opened pandora's box and I have been getting "wow your posts are long" comments after this weeks share. So thanks for the input, I'll be keeping them more to Greg's size from now on, unless it's a really good story.

I'll be mobile blogging from here on out until December 1st. I dunno how often, I actually did it a lot more then I thought I would for Bow hunting. I guess we'll see if it continues.

Listening to: Tuesday's Gone by Metallica (yeah, im not a huge fan, thanks pandora. *thumbs down* Oh, here we go. Stricken by Disturbed. GH3 anyone?)


Assailant.9 said...

damn right 'edit'

MrB said...

what are you talking about. Metallica is awesome.

BLaZE said...

It wasn't so much the Metallica as it was the song they were covering. I enjoy Metallica