Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change in scenery part 2

Well. this picture probably doesn't d the real thing justice. That or I'm a huge scaredy cat.

The more comfortable I get with climbing trees the higher I can go before my knees start shaking. This is currently the highest ive gone.

It's midday so the deer action slows until an hour before sunset. Then at sunset it's illegal and considered poaching to hunt. I thought I would take this slow time to post again. Mainly because I can see Mr.B's comment, but I have no way to comment back.

Hunting has gotten much more entertaining(distracting) since increases in our technolgy and my ability to afford such gadgets. I have a verizon voyager, and a plan with unlimited internet. So i can check gmail, facebook, this blog, weather/sports, etc. I also welcomed an ipod nano into the fam. So far I've watched season 2 of 30rock, step bros, and mess w/ zohan. 30 rock was great(i believe i didnt finish though. only 15 eps) the other 2 movies were "meh" good free lazy sun. flicks.
checkout vh1 rb2!


Gregor said...

Looks like you're about 2 feet up that tree.

Just kidding.

Have you seen any deer yet?

Ric said...

I thought hunting was about enjoying the outdoors and, mmm, being closer to nature?

But really, 30 Rock is an awesome show.

Anonymous said...

Good job buddy, enjoy your time off.