Monday, November 24, 2008

Down Periscope

You see anything down that scope?

lol, me neither.

I've only seen bout 3 does in my 3 days. zilch yesterday. 1 whole 11 hour day without seeing one thing. kinda pushes a man to drinkin'.

I was tryin to think of a cool picture I could take for you all and nothing really came to mind. I was a little surprised that camera could see down the scope. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a pic of this knarly shroom growin off a tree. Or maybe even a 14-pointer..

Oh well. Hope everyones stayin out of trouble!

Listening to: One by Metallica


Gregor said...

Wii kant sea pick-tour.

MrB said...

... you should be at home killing fucking zombies or something.. fuck hunting, seems like you get no action there at all and when you do is a one shot deal. I've killed over 10k zombies in 3 days, how is that for a comparison?