Friday, November 14, 2008

A Very BLaZE Vacation

So, I was sitting in the woods, and I think to myself: Hunting, it sure is a great hobby, a great pastime, and I love where I am at and what I am doing. But I must point out, it is a product of my father’s upraising. And that got me thinking about what I would do with my vacation time if I wasn’t using 3/4’s of it to hunt.

I would probably be stuck on the same boat as my friends, who are using it up randomly now that the end of the year is arriving and the days will soon vanish for next years 2 weeks. I wonder what I would do for myself, to really indulge in a day off if given the chance.

Well, after all this pondering I decided to cut the hunt (at least the bow portion) down a day early, pack up, and come back home. Now I am having a me day. And boy is it exciting. Video games, junk food, and look, I even snuck some time out of “My” day to go Birthday shopping for my roommate. Aren’t they speeeecial.

But enough talking, time to dig in!


Gregor said...

Don't open Mirrors Edge, it's only a rental!

kiltrunner said...

I hope it's a puppy!!!

But topper-poppers?! Where's the lunche evite!

BLaZE said...

Damn, so close. I actually still have the stickers that go around it. But the cellophane would be impossible to put back on. Wuddya know, I was right next to a Best Buy downtown so I got these. I never buy anything from best buy because A. They suck. and B. They don't let you return software.

Thats the list as it stands at the moment. I hate them because of many other reasons.

I wonder if I walk in and lie to their faces and try to act like I never opened it if they'll take it back.

Godddamnit greg. Finding ways to ruin my day while your at work and I'm at home. your selfish.

Gregor said...

Mwahaha, no matter where you are I can still ruin your day. I plan on taking a Greg day next Friday, you can try and ruin it all you want.

MrB said...

can we borrow the game when you're done with it? :P

BLaZE said...

Force Unleashed for Mirrors Edge. Deal!