Thursday, November 6, 2008


So, I think it was Tuesday, and I looked at the games I newly own. GH4 and Fable 2. But wasn't there a huge list of games coming out that was supposed to bankrupt me? I thought to myself, all I see ahead is mirror's edge, left 4 dead, and I'm sorry to say CoD5 is looking like it might not win me over. When I found out infinity ward wasn't creating it I started to 2nd guess myself. I only played CoD4 for a month before giving it up and moving on, whats to say the same won't go for the next game.

So I wonder where all the titles went that I was looking forward to. When asking Gregor I was reminded of Gears of War 2, or GoW2. Ahhhhhhh Gears, When I had a short fling with the xbox 360 in December of '06 I played the original gears title through during Xmas vacation, partly with my brother. It was decent, good graphics, and I just can't explain the smell and feel of a brand new next generation console in front of you. You'd think I would fall in love with any game. But it wasn't so. I was still in Halo or Counterstrike mode. I couldn't stand the slower sit back, teamwork, take cover mentality that it took to be successful at this game.

But you know, I've matured a lot, and I noticed my good friend
Assalaint thinks very highly of the Gears franchise. So I gtalk to him everyday and I send him... "this is my RFP Gears of War 2. You have till the EOD to present your case on why i should get GoW2." Assailant settled some ground rules, then provided a document that blew me away the next day (1 day late.). You really miss a lot of the glory with the link I am about to give you, because the word document he sent me was color themed, formatted, clean professional design, and had pictures. But at least you can get the jist of it. Here.

I should add that after reading it I think I am closer to buying GoW2 then COD5. Let's be honost though, with xmas around the corner why shouldn't I own both?

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