Thursday, November 13, 2008

With a little luck...

Your comments have been pretty good lead-ins for my next post. So thanks for that.

First Ric,it truely is more about the nature and serenity of the woods. I sort of embellished(sp) that last post for humor's sake. I actually watched most of that back at the camper because we don't have a tv. Other then that i just resort to some music or a quick vid when the day starts feeling long. Which leads int Greg's question.

Sun/Mon i was up in the same tree. first day I saw something with horns (small 6-8 pt) running away. 2nd day was only a mass of brown fur far away. Sooo pretty uneventful. Tue/Wed dif tree other side of our area. Tue was nothing. yesterday i finally got some action. decent 8 pt, about 14-15" inside. comes right up to my tree and looks at me. He never really gave me a good shot, but it got my blood goin.

Turns out my Grandpa got a nice 9 pt 15 inside. so now hes out of his tent and im in. Prolly the only reason i am out in this rain. Dry.

Plus, check out my new buds!(img

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MrB said...

So you sit out in the woods for 3 days in a row doing nothing? You white people are weird!