Sunday, November 9, 2008

44.927N, -89.963W

I happened by Edgar and decided to stop by to chat with the locals. "Boy do we miss Greg", proclaimed Jim Vanlipski, Town Crier. It definitely summarized the sentiment of most of the 17 townsfolk of Edgar.

I was convinced to take some time and visit the Edgar Saloon, which doubles as the Edgar General Store during the day. Bob Roberts, Blackmith, was spot on when he told me there is nothing like Edgar's finest saspirilla.

The small town was abuzz with news that an 'outsider' had arrived with news of Greg. They were very content in sitting around the fire trading stories about thier long lost kinsfolk. Durg Hutch, town drunk, shared a particularly heartwarming story about how Greg took 1 summer teaching him how to read.

It was getting late and I started my farewells. Jim asked if I needed anyyokes of oxen or parts for my wagon but I told him that wouldn't be necessary. Everyone followed me out and huddled around the car. "Tell Greg we miss him!" They all cheered. Im glad I stopped


Gregor said...

Ahahah, I hate you.

MrB said...

You should let those people know that we have their town idiot!


kiltrunner said...

This post really really really deserves a headline, blaze. Get with the times!

BLaZE said...

Thar, yee got yer headline!