Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your sex is on fire!

Here's an evening blog coming 'atcha. I got out of work early today to "do the damn thang". By that I mean I voted, and guess what number was shining at me from the scanner machine... 1337. It's like it was written in the scriptures of fate that I would be a geek till the end.

And wouldn't you know, when you search common torrent websites with words like Ipod, and nano, they return all sorts of media preformatted for small device screens. I currently have movies and tv shows to watch while I'm out in the woods. The love guru, Don't mess with the zohan,30 rock season 2, the rocker, kung-fu panda.

Please realize the selection was limited, and I figure as long as I'm not watching blockbusters, I should be keeping my eye on the woods.

I got my first game 100% completed today. Fable has 50/50 achievements, something I haven't done before, otherwise it wouldn't have been newsworthy. I felt I needed to get all that video gaming out of me because in the next month, while the new games are pouring onto the streets like rain I will be in the middle of the woods. Spose my next purchase should be a PSP, lol. God, my dad would kill me.

That't it for today, no existential discussion about why we are what we are, or why we blog. Just an update on my day.

Listening to: Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon


Pickles31186 said...

Just to let you know... I have a PSP that I never use. I got it when it first came out thinking I would play that damn thing all the time. Turns out that I didn't. Could be because it took a little while for good games to come out for it. Anyways, I have a couple of movies and games for it as well. Let me know if you are interested, then we'll talk about price.

Anonymous said...


MrB said...

Buy a DS if anything... it has better games.

I meant to send you a message about all the torrent ipod movies but somehow i forgot. Glad you found them.

Ric said...

I didn't read you blog, because I don't have time until next week.

But I love love love KOL. Good choice.

menace said...

Glad to see victoria read the 1337 wiki article! Now we can finally talk communicate!

kiltrunner said...

Yeah, and I finally realized I already had a blogger profile after making fun of you for jumping on the bandwagon. Your right, now we finally can communicate and I don't have to cry alone under the covers.